AI-based semantic networks

Our partner for state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions for applications based on semantic networks.


In times of digitalization it is necessary to exploit the full usage potential of all data and information by generating knowledge. This is the task and core understanding of Semantic Knowledge Engineering. With the help of semantic networks, we relate your data to each other and thus generate valuable knowledge for your company.

BIM - Building Information Modeling with semantic technology designed efficiently and intelligently

Since 2020, products and processes in the construction industry must be made available in the form of digital objects. All companies involved in a construction project will thus be digitally networked. With the help of semantic technology, BIM is designed to be efficient and cost-saving.

  • Information on manufacturing processes, building materials, materials, etc. can be generated partly automatically with the help of semantic technology.
  • The data for 3D models can also be generated semantically in an useful way and thereby deliver considerable savings potential in 3D data generation.
  • The semantic enrichment of BIM data with relevant dependencies (this component has a lifetime of n hours under the conditions a and b, if b does not occur in more than 50% of the lifetime) adds further relevant knowledge to BIM data. 
This allows you to use Artificial intelligence (AI) to digitize your BIM topics in your company

Intelligent digitization through modern AI - from product data becomes valuable knowledge

The future has already begun!

Valuable object dependencies for your products are only created when the underlying data and information are networked. Benefit from your through modern AI generated product knowledge in the company and thus create the cross- and upselling potential of your portfolio.

  • Use sales potentials
    Your customer is pointed to products from your portfolio that he has not even looked for, but which ideally match his needs.
  • Provide intelligent online advice
    Your semantic knowledge network serves as the basis for intelligent online consulting through a new generation of chatbots - enhance your shop system with a knowledge bot that navigates independently and efficiently through the product portfolio with your customers!