About us

We are your reliable partner when it comes to ensuring the sustainability of your company in the digital age. We understand your market and adapt to your individual challenges.

Our core team has been providing consulting services in various industries, both nationally and internationally, for over 20 years. We can expand this team flexibly for complex projects on a permanent basis or, in individual cases, on a short-term basis.

For this purpose, experts from several specialist areas are available to us at all times.

In addition, we are linked to partner companies that help us to implement your business objectives through innovative digital tools and systems.

Our partners:

Creating Visuals. Making Sense

VisCo is our partner for cutting edge visualization technologies for complex 3D applications and simulations for the industry in the fields of BIM (Building Information Modeling), digital transformation such as Digital Twin solutions, as well as high-end rendering and film production.

Gmeiner Marketing Services is the exclusive sales partner for visCo in the regions Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
VisCo is located in Stavanger (Norway) and has offices at several international locations:

Norway (5 offices), Germany, Poland, Ukraine, USA and Vietnam

BIK is our partner for artificial intelligence and offers various solutions for semantic networks in many industrial applications.

Gmeiner Marketing Services and our partners work with BIK on innovative solutions in the field of BIM (Building Information Modeling) as well as on other complex applications in the field of digitalization.

BIK has its headquarters in Nuremberg (Germany)

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